Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bach & Beethoven 2 Great Christian Musicians

Bach & Beethoven 2 Great Christian Musicians

....Both Bach and Beethoven were Christians and two of the most influential musicians in history.
It's amazing when you consider how brillant they where at writing music... they were light years ahead of everyone in their era.
The scale runs that Bach created in his classical music could still revival many of todays best great jazz guitarist.
The reason I say that is Bach wrote what could be considered tons of lead scales into his classical songs.
But this is long before guitarist had jam sessions.....Both Bach and Beethoven invented modern music... even though we still call it classical.

....It's amazing todays artist can't survive without computer software to time out the music they write...and many artist also some kind of digital recorders to slow down and figure the timing on fast riffs and ect.....but these guys did it first in their heads !!

....I myself also write music without the use of computers and such....but it's becoming a dying art form.

....And even though I know a lot about computers I refuse to write music with a computer....the reason is simple....I know the music and I feel the timming.....I know there's other like me still out there !!

....I am not saying I am a Bach or Beethoven....but I respect what they did and try to live the musicial tradition and not take the easy way out.....sure you can plug a guitar in or keyboard to some midi software and play the music you want saved and printed off.....But I don't need a computer to do it either....I'll still do it the old fashioned way....And it's better to do it this way...because then you know the song inside and out !!

Music is something I love to do........and I think it's best not to rush what you love !!

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