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The Gospel Project - Bringing a Nation Back To God

The Gospel Project - Bringing a Nation Back To God

By GW Williams

.....How can we - Bring a Nation Back To God ?

Every where today we can see the hard effects of a crashing economy, that has been pushing this great county into a tail spin that seemly never ends.

....Can this great nation prosper like we once use had for many years ?
I believe that the real truth, lies in the fact that this nation as slipped far away from biblical principles the Lord !!
I also believe ...that If we can return to Godly principles and walk in the righteous footsteps of Jesus, then we shall see the light of day again.

.....It takes every man woman and child to join hands spiritually across this great nation to cause change.
Change must start in the hearts of everyone !!...
If you want change in your life, then you must walk with the Lord and put your trust in His hands once again. Read the word of God daily and pray with your family. Also learn to reachout to others, invite people to church. And always love your neighbor as yourself !!

Together we can change this great country by reaching out in prayer as we unite together holding spiritual hands accross this great nation we live in.

What if we all pray for 3 minutes every day?
Would God hear our collective voices of a whole nation praying ?
Would He Bless Us Again and Light the pathway of our footsteps?

....Yes I think He would hear us !!...Because He is waiting for us with open arms !!
The Lord doesn't want us to suffer...all He asks is that we walk with Him daily and return to Him.
God gave us life, we are all part of His family...even the down and out people in the streets...everyone needs to join with spiritual hands and link them together in prayer daily across this great nation, and to reach out with Christian love. Don't push people away !!
Learn To love one another again....there's nothing we can't do in this nation if we are walking with Jesus !!
Anyone who calls themselves a Christian and reads this...must somehow find it in their hearts to rise up and help bring this country back to God...Everyone of us as Christians must become a leader and take charge but do it in the name of Jesus..with love.

....Bringing a Nation Back To God !! .....
....This is why I recorded my new acoustic Guitar CD to be used by people all across this nation to help bring people back to the Lord...and to save this great country !!
I feel the unique opportunity of using this cd allows a way to invite millions of Americans back into church and to lead the unsaved , and the lost to Jesus Christ !!
I decided to sacrifice my new CD to help spread the word of the help save this country !!
To do this I need the help of churches all across this country.......

How To Spread The Word !!

....So how does this CD bring people back to God...It's simple really..let me explain....
This CD is solid Christian Acoustic Guitar Music with no lyrics ...and since it's all music and there's no Lyrics.... this should allow non Christians to listen to it who normally would not listen to gospel music ) wife says there's no doubt... this CD has the anointing of God on it !! And it's a Great acoustic Guitar CD !!
I really want to help save this nation and spread the word...and ....I hope to have it on radio soon.....

....This cost almost nothing for a church to do !!
Once you get the CD Master from me....I will allow you to run off as many copies as you like ...and you can do this on your own church CD copy machines...In other words can you run them off for about $. 30 cents each...and give them out as a gift !! easy to do and saves tons of money this way !!..but I'll talk more about that in a minute

....Any ways the main Idea here is to pass out a musical gift Cd... to people in the community where you live....and you give this gift as an invitation to invite people to your church....
All you have to do is pass out cd's to church members and ask them to hand out one cd to a friend or family member who doesn't go to church's that really is !!
You will not find professional musicians like myself making this offer...But I know how truly important it is for this great country to get back on it's feet and for churches to add new members..doing this both can become accomplished at the same time will also building Gods Kingdom !!

....Next....I've noticed that people always remember who gave them a gift....that's why it's very important for each church to remember to put their - church business cards - taped to the CD's.
You can even put a ribbon around it !!

The main Idea here'' is I'd like every church across this nation to get 1 Master CD from me...and to use that Master CD and run copies off on your Church CD Copy machines.

Most churches have CD copy machines now days....and...smaller churches who don't have CD copy machines, can run off copies of this cd on thier computers also !!
Also any private person can run off this CD also to give away !!

. \\\\
God Has Bigger Plans ... Insight Into Gods Timing

.....When I first started to write this blog, I had no idea about doing anything more than spreading the news about Christians working together to help bring this nation back to God.
But God has bigger plans....I found new insight into God and His timing !!

.....But a funny happened after my first few days of writing this gospel blog...I guess you could call it a moving of God on this ministry and it happened in a very short time of several days !!

.....The truth is, I never really realized that maybe God has much bigger plans about for using this ministry and this blog than what I ever could imagine.
I truthfully....know I never knew , that the Lord was about to open a HUGE DOOR for this ministry this past week !!
Let me explain....

It's only been a few days since I started this blog....and...I have already have many web sites linking to my Christian blog site.

......But.... here's the amazing part........I received 164 links from a top Vietnam government web site ...who by the way I discovered are promoting my Christian Blog online using many full page write ups that they are posting...They never even asked me to do this,( They just wanted to be part of this !! ) wow talk about being committed to Jesus !! I never would have dreamed that people in the government of Vietnam would promote Jesus this way !!
This is truly amazing... and they are doing this on their talk about a movement of God !!

.....So far we have web sites linking to us from all over... The United States, Australia, Norway,The UK, Japan, India, China and Vietnam and all this started within the first week !!

This is getting exciting...but wait there's still much more...this same Vietnam government web site is still adding more and more links daily which is sending people to this ministry blog, yes it's growing very fast...
I also found out they are spreading the word to other web sites located in India ...I guess they may have a trade agreement with India which is all I can figure out, but they really have gone out of their way to help build this ministry !!
I now understand that many of the Vietnamese people want to bring Christianity into their country it's plain to see...and it blew me away because I know God is reaching out to do his work in places I normally don't think about....!!

.....Now that's just how one of the many web sites are getting involved in this....

.....It made me do a fast rethink of what I am trying to accomplish in creating this ministry.
My main original goal was to help bring our nation the United States back to God....But I feel people of other countries do not want to be left out of this ministry I have started with the help of the Lord...
It's amazing...people I never met want to be part of this, they want the love of Jesus and the good news of the gospel to touch the lives of people in their countries also.

......Now suddenly ...I can see a door opening ....and ...I now realize the Lord wants His word to be brought forth world wide.
The bible even tells us about this.....In John 3:16

John 3:16

For God so loved the world , that He gave His only begotton
Son,that who so ever believeth in him shall perish,but have everlasting life.

......The bible also speaks in the book of Revelations, that the Lord has set before us an open door to do His will... and it's a door that no man can shut....God's glory will reach out to every corner of the world, and those who receive Him will have everlasting life.
God message of salvation is a simple message...we only must believe in Him and to walk with Him daily.

Revelations 3:8

I know thy works, behold, I have set before thee an
open door, and no man can shut it.
For thou has little strength and has kept my word and
hast not denied my name.

Revelations 3: 20

Behold I stand at the door and knock,
If Any man hear my voice and open the door,
I will come in to him, and will sup with him , and he with me .

.....I also would like to thank the many Christian Web sites for posting a link to my blogsite.... you're helping to build a huge ministry stretching around the globe.
And I'd like to say

.....I really am sacrificing as much time on this Christian project as I can ...I am mass producing the CD's in the studio, plus working on this blog site, I sometimes spend 8 to 12 hours a day of my spare time involved in this ministry !!
I also am willing to go out to churches and play a couple sets of songs and talk about this ministry on Sunday evenings !! Over the years I have done many concerts so this just part of serving the Lord also.

Note: Please Help....I could really use help...from anyone with a website or blog, who'd like to post a link from your site aimed at my Christian blog site.
I figure I need millions of links aim at this site.... to help get the salvation message of Jesus Christ out world wide !!

......I also welcome all government backlinks and educational backlinks as well as business backlinks and personal website back links.
Together we can help spread the word of God , world wide !!

.....And...I could also use the help of Pastors world wide, to help me get these CD's out to the public, and to post my link on your church web sites !!

.....I just want to say thanks so much to everyone involved....Thanks GW Williams

P.S. If anyone has a web site in Greenland, Africa, Mexico, Spain, France, USSR or New Zealand ....please let me know ...I'd love to have you post a link to this site !! I want to spread out this ministry to every location I can world wide !!

..............................Below is the address to my blog site...Thanks So much !!

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