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Songs Of Worship, Joy & Praise

Updated: Oct 18 2010

Songs Of Worship, Joy & Praise
By GW Williams

..... Songs Of Worship, Joy & Praise is my new Christian guitar praise and worship site online.

Since so many people world wide know me as a Christian Rock, Blues & Classical guitarist and singer, I decided to use my popularity as a Christian to help Bring America Back To God.

.....Today we live hard economic times !! More than ever people need Jesus in their lives and someone to pray with. We need a national revival in God, if this country is to be blessed of God again.

.....I truly believe we as a nation , the United States of America as a collective whole... have turned our backs on God , we are going through hard times , yet ... how can the Lord help us if we no longer walk and talk to Him daily ? It seems America has lost respect for the word of God, many have stop praying, crime is up, and Internet and porn sites are out of control....So why would God bless us when America is living in sin ? The truth is Jesus gave His life, so we can be forgiven of our sins and have everlasting life with Him. He waits with open arms...and all we as American's must do is trust in Him and Pray together for one another. We need to reach out and spread the word about the love of Jesus, and together we can make the changes in this country to turn things around with Gods help. For without God we are nothing. This country was blessed greatly because our countries forefathers built this great country on Biblical priciples.

......................Binging America Back To God !!

.......I created this blog site to help bring America Back To God !!

......The Lord gave me, a great idea about how to bring people across this great nation back to God and back into churches. I feel this idea will catch on like wildfire. I already notice people from other countries besides the USA who are also Interested.

.......Any ways ...I hope the Christian men and women and Church Pastors reading this, can see the vision God has given me !!

......I had just finished recording my new Christian acoustic guitar all instrumental album, when God spoke to my heart.... I know now, that I need to sacrifice this new CD to help spread the word of Gods amazing love. And to help Bring America Back To God. Sure I know I can't do this on my own....It will take a miracle moving of God and Pastors from many, many churches across this great country all pulling together, and all I am is just the messenger.

....The Lord showed me how to use the Cd as an invitational gift, to invite friends, family members, co-workers and people everywhere from all walks of life back into churches. And how to bring the lost and unsaved into the house of God.

.....You see, my new acoustic guitar Cd release is an all instrumental Christian music album, there's no singing on it....and many people who wouldn't listen to Christian music with words... will listen to this CD. The acoustic guitar playing has Gods anointing on it....and this is a great guitar CD that was recorded in stereo digitally live in a studio.

.....People remember when someone gave them a gift.... a gift is a sacrfice of love given by someone who truly cares. If thousands of churches were to give these CD's to their church members to hand out to friends and family members...then just think of the responce across this great nation we'd start to see a movment of Jesus bringing people back into the house of the Lord !!.....This is a great way to plant a seed into the Kingdom of God !!

......If we call ourselves Christians we must at all costs find ways to bring people to Jesus !!

..........Songs Of Worship, Joy and Praise - The CD Gift !!

.....I spent the past 10 months writing all new music, and also adding about 5 old time Gospel standards into my new acoustic guitar cd. I know the Lord has given me a great gift for music. I've been a top electric and acoustic guitarist known by millions of people.

....Any ways like I already said ..... after I finished recording this new Christian acoustic guitar Album..... I felt the Lord tugging at my heart to use this new CD as a means to bring our nation of people back to God. And to do build program nation wide, but..what I noticed this past week was that, people from other countries ...have also seemed to want to get involved in this ...they don't want to be left out !!...and I am finding that this blog site is evolving into somthing bigger than I first had planned. In guess the Lord didn't want to scare me off...because now I feel we must reach out to the whole world. The goal is to give out 100 million Cd

....................Bringing A Nation Back To God


....Together we the Christian community, can reach out through Jesus Christ and hold each other up in prayer. Our God forever reigns...His amazing grace calls us to worship him and put our faith and trust in Jesus. We have a God of Mircales. All things are possible through Christ !!

BELOW IS MY NEW CD - That I will be giving away for FREE !!...Please check back for more information in a few days !!

This CD is called - Songs Of Worship Joy & Praise !!
On this Cd are 10 songs, 6 of which I wrote and 4 are old time gospel classics.
The songs are....

1.)Son Rise Prayer

2.)Holy Ghost Revival

3.)Lamb Of God

4.)The Last Train To Heaven

5.)Onward Christian Soldiers

6.)Beyond All Grace

7.)How Great Thou Art

8.)My Best Friend

9.)Riding The Wind

10.)O Holy Night

11.)Son Rise Prayer Revisited

.... All of these songs were recorded live digitally in a studio and recorded in stereo .......I wanted this Cd to have a great acoustic sound !!

Please Check Back For More Info ON This Great CD....I want to make it free for everyone and I am trying to figure out how to do that still....Thanks GW Williams

......................................................... Thanks GW Williams

Also....... you can still purchase my other Ablum called , "ON Easter Morning", in stores and also online, through Internet music download companies such as itunes and

...Most of you, already know me as a guitarist and singer and you've heard my songs on radio,theme shows, or on commercials.

....My music has aired on both Christian radio and secular radio stations. I have been known for my songs - On Easter Morning - I Know A Friend Named Jesus - Electric Rock Guitarist - Rock N The Blues Electric Style - Have You Ever Been So Lonely - and - Rock N Country Blues ...these songs are still popular and aired on radio today !!

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