Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Songs Of Worship - GW Williams Helping Bring The World Closer To Jesus

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Christian Praise & Worship Music - Songs Of Worship, Joy and Praise.

....TSongs Of Worship, Joy & Praise, is a contemporary Christian acoustic guitar worship album.

This is truly a great Christian acoustic guitar instrumental album.
All gospel music and worship music was recorded in stereo on acoustic guitar by songwriter and artist GW Williams.
GW Williams is a top Rock,Blues,Jazz and Classical guitar player...who's known for his rock, blues and jazzy style of playing guitar.
GW Williams albums and CD's and mp3's for ipods can be purchased in stores and downloaded online world wide.

This new Album my GW Williams of , " Songs Of Worship,Joy and Praise, is much more than just a worship'll find some of the best up-tempo rock - blues gospel music on acoustic guitar ever recorded !!
There's 10 songs on this great new CD release !!
6 of the songs where written by GW Williams, and 4 of the songs on this great acoustic guitar are old time gospel standards played Classical style on guitar like you've never heard before by a great artist !!

This special GW Williams worship music collectors edition will only be sold here online.
You can not purchase , "Songs Of Worship Joy & Praise in stores like you can other GW Williams CD's
This Great Worship CD was created by GW Williams and his ministries to help bring a nation back to God.
It's the hope of this foundation that 100 million Cd's will be handed out as invitation gifts to people who are not attending church in the USA and Canada.
We are also ready to work with churches in other countries world wide in helping to bring Jesus in lives of peolpe everywhere.

Millions have heard GW Williams and his music on radio....he's one of the best guitarist alive today !!
Below is the song list of the Album - Songs Of Worship Joy & Praise !!

....Songs Of Worship, Joy & Praise

1.) Son Rise Prayer ----------------Slow rock guitar
2.) Holy Ghost Revival ------------ Rock / blues guitar
3.) Lamb Of God -------------------- Classical guitar
4.) The Last Train To Heaven --- Rock / blues guitar
5.) Onward Christian Soldiers ---Classical guitar
6.) Beyond All Grace ---------------Folk rock guitar
7.) How Great Thou Art ----------- Classical guitar
8.) My Best Friend ------------------Rock / blues guitar
9.) Riding The Wind------------------Folk rock guitar
10.) O Holy Night-----------------------Classical guitar
11.) Son Rise Prayer Revisited----Slow rock guitar

Please Check Back For More Info on when I'll release this CD to the public !!

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