Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bringing a Nation Back To God

Updated: Oct 2010

Bringing A Nation Back To God

By GW Williams

.....In 2010 we live in devastatingly hardened economic times, jobs and money is scarce.
It seems on nearly every street corner, or every busy street center divider, you'll find someone holding a cardboard sign asking for money.
In both small and large cities violent crimes, home invasions,car jacking's and robberies are up....
.....While at the same time many of the Christian Outreach Centers and Rescue Missions are full and over crowded.

But where will it all end?
What's the future hold ?

.....The Constitution Of The United States was written by Christian men who respected the word of the Lord and founded this great country on Biblical principles.
But today in office it's hard to find men and women who are true Christians.
The truth is our once great country has turned their backs on the Lord.
And like many people around this country… I believe this is why our country is no longer blessed as it once was. We as a nation are struggling to make ends meet and to survive.

.....Yet God can work miracles,
The Lord is still there waiting with open arms, but how can he help anyone who's walked away from Him?

.....We must become a nation who prays again, and a nation who reaches out to our bothers and sisters.
A nation who helps those people , who can no longer help themselves.

.....But it goes deeper than that....each of us, as Christians we must become leaders, to help bring the lost to Jesus.
Many times the best way to do that is not by preaching at people, but by walking a righteous road and just being a friend to someone in need and letting them know someone loves them.

....The truth is if you want to lead someone to the Lord, then one of best ways is by Love and by Sacrifice.
People always remember when someone treats them with a great deal of respect and love.
Yet we must remember also with great love , sometime comes sacrifice.
It may mean giving up your television programs or nightly online Internet time.

.....And sacrifice may be even listening to peoples problems and getting involved to help someone, even when it puts you at great risk.
In fact this is what Jesus did....He loved us so much, that He Sacrificed His own life for us.
John 3:16 says - God so loved the world that He gave His only begotton Son, that who so ever believeth in Him , shall not perish but have everlasting life.

.....The Bible gives us terrific examples, of the great love Jesus has for each and everyone of us.

.....The first example: of Jesus great love was when Jesus took the place of a criminal and murderer named Barabbas.
Barabbas was in prison sentence and to die nailed to a cross....but Jesus took his place.
It was destiny for Jesus to take Barabbas place in prison and for Christ to give his life on a cross.
The reason why is simple, because Barabbas represents the sin nature of mankind, and Jesus .
taking his place represents the great love He has for each of us to sacrifice His own life so we may have everlasting life.
I sometimes find myself shocked that many pastors never get this point of Barabbas representing each and ever one of us who are freed by the forgiving love of Jesus.

.....Another great example:....of Jesus great love for us - Was when a thief, who was being crucified next to Jesus, had asked Jesus, to please remember him in Heaven.... and it was then Jesus said unto him... " Verily I say unto thee, Today shalt thou be with me in paradise " Luke 23:43 & Luke 23:44.

.....This thief has been called by many the Good Thief ....
I guess you could almost say at the end of his life ...the Good Thief stole Heaven.
But truthfully the Good Thief reached out to Jesus with a purely repentant heart and Jesus knew it !!
And He forgave him and blessed him with everlasting life.....

.....Examples like this proves:....That Jesus gave His life for each and everyone of us.
God is no respecter of persons...or…in other words we all have fallen short of the Glory of God because of sin, yet we all have the right to forgiveness and everlasting life no matter what we have done or who we are !!

It's not too late folks !! Anyone can turn to the Lord today, You can know Jesus as your Lord and Savoir .
And God can turn this great nation around and bless this nation again, through the prayers of all of us !!

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