Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dream Concert

What's You're Dream Concert Like ?

...Are you a musician but never have played music infront of a huge crowd of people?
Do you wonder what it's like?
And do you wonder how your going to react ?
Will you be you wonder if you'll blow it?

...Whats the secret to getting up on stage and playing and singing music just like you do at home in private?

Well is there a secret.....Yes I found it years ago !!

I was born a very shy person who loved music.....but getting up on stage infront of people would upset me for days on end.

But after a few years of playing music I realize if I wanted to be a musician and singer I had to go out on was hard on me everytime....but I did it....still I never felt comfortable UNTILL I Discovered The Secret !!......No I am not selling a book....I'll tell you this simple secret here !!

What I discovered is simple.....make the stage your home... and Go dead center onto the middle of the stage.....It's at this point where you're out infornt of everyone that you are your strongest....never ever go to the side of the stage and perform !!

Why dead's simple because for the next hour you have to perform....there's no where to hide....once you figure this beat the works try it'll never feel weak in the knees again !!

Once you have conquered your can then play on stage as good as you do at home !! You can then have as many Dream Concerts as you like, and feel good about yourself !!

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