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How To Get A Record Label Deal


VERY FUNNY !!....someone wrote and asked me..if when I was sitting at the sound-mixer board in my recording studio was i flipping the bird in the picture below?
Well....NO WAY !! I'd never do that or disgrace God on this site !!
If you take a closer look.... I just sat down and was leaning forward as my sun glass started to fall off....if you notice...I am holding up the glasses with 2 or 3 fingers !!

...I did not want to pull this picture off...I really wanted this picture posted to show readers, that I really do own a studio, and when I make a statment like in the article below that Christian music artist need to own their own's because I really believe in what I teach online !!
I walk the walk....And if you want to be successful in music you must take control of your lives and your music, and what better way than to own studio can start out small and build up over the years !! I own a lot of rack mount equimpment and instruments not shown in the picture...It takes a lot of equipment to make professional recordings....and there's no way you're going to get great sound recording on an home need the real deal !!

It took me years to get all my equipment, working 2 jobs at a time, but it was worth it !! And if I can do it anyone can !! You got to believe and have hope, and your dreams can happen !!

How To Get A Record Label Deal

By GW Williams

....How to get a record label deal and signed recording contract.
Finding record labels companies, offering recording contract deals to artist can become a full time job if you're a singer,songwriter and aspiring recording artist.
Information on how to get a record label deal online fast has posted many times online. Independent and major record label companies are searching for successful artist,bands looking to land a record deal with major label or Independent recording label company, but what they are looking for are orignial artist with something new to offer the music business industry.

....But how does an artist get a contract ....and how do you get the best record label to deal with you?....How do you get signed to a contract that pays you really money?
And..what are record labels looking for in the music industry today ?
Also..are there tips,tricks and recording industry secrets for getting a major label or indie label to look at your music ?
These are all great music industry questions....but you need to do some research and find what's hot in the recording Industry in Hollywood and LA Recording studios and also in Nashville.
If something is hot today....chances are you need to avoid that and find something more original...because everyone trying to break into the business will copy that art form in music.
Remember record labels want you to set the trend and be different !!

.....Yet there's a lot of questions to ask about the music business and professional record labels offering contracts.
But how do you get a record label recording contract ?
You first need to be original as a singer,songwriter or a band. In other words if you sound like everyone else, then use your head, why would anyone want to sign you?..
Become creative with your music, inventive musicians sign contracts with major labels.
Creative songwriters, write new lyrics,melodies and discover new hot leads and licks for songs that have never been heard before.
Today it's not good enough to be a great singer, you need music material something more to offer than just your voice. Studios and recording industry labels offer deals for songwriters with new songs. But these song writers music also sing and play an instrument to get a signed record label contract.
The world is full of singers, it takes more effort to write music and create something original that people want to hear !!

....Take a look at American Idol season 9....all of the top 4 singers , could also play guitar and sing, plus write what does that tell you ? In fact 7 out of the top 10 during season 9 on American Idol could play guitar and the rest could play piano also.
The truth is if you want to learn how to get a signed record label deal and a singed recording industry contract your odds, or chances of getting a recording contract are far greater when you play and instrument and write music !!

....So why are major record labels and Independent music labels looking for people who can not only sing, write music and play an instrument...well it's simple really...People who write music are far more creative and inventive, they come up new musical idea's and fresh music concepts that studios are looking for.
Most singers who can't read and write music never reach their full musical potential ( and the studios and record label companies know this !! )
Studios don't want to waste time with singers who don't understand the music process, it's costly and an average album can cost over $180,000.00 and take 6 months to why take a risk ?

....Most people who want to break into the music business have stars in their eyes, with visions of becoming famous and getting rich fast.....But the music business is a business...a huge business and singers and musicians need to think of selling their music more like going out and finding a job ....the people hiring want the best qualified person for that job in the work relative field.
In other words if you want to know how to get a record label deal and a signed contract, learn to become the best you can be !!

....You chances of getting a signed contract deal is much greater if you are a songwriter,singer,musician it's the total package musical combination studios are looking for.
Record labels are looking for leaders and not followers, they want the artist to be able to tell studio musicians exactly how they want them to play their music. In the studio time is money with many LA and Nashville studios charging over $300 to $600.00 and up an hour, imagine recording for 6 months on the time card ? Many sound engineers in these studios make over $75.00 an hour alone, but a great sound man can make or break an album and are worth the money to master great recordings !!

....So how do you get a record deal if you already can sing,write music and play an instrument....well there's a lot of talent out there are there's no guarantees of making it big !!
But there's 1000's of ways to get your music heard...
1 of the best is to write commercials for radio...I did this and was discovered in 1 months time.
My music first appear on a Album with 8 other top west coast singers and sold nationally back a few years ago !!
At the same time I used to search for radio stations who aired new artist music...and in my first week my music was aired on radio like this for 18 months..and they liked my music enough to allow me to do 28 doing some research can pay off Big !!

....Next...I always believe in playing concerts in a large arena... and I always look forward to doing concerts, I feel at home in front of people.
Performing is another way for your music to be heard by a record label but you need to perform in a place where record producers may come or hang out !!....So once in a while try to find a way to play your music in a restaurant or music hangout where producers and musicians visit every now and then !!

.....Here's the truth about making money with music...if you want to make money....then go where the money other words go where all the top producers and studio musicians hang out, do some research online try to find people and locate their favorite restaurants and places they to go relax, unwind know those places where they serve dinner while musicians play music and ect...
Then start hanging out in those locations once in a while.....just let people see your an on for a few months, you don't have to talk to anyone at first !!
You'll be surprised how your face will become familiar to people after a while.
During this time be sure you have a CD demo of your show the owners of the restaurants that the record label producers go to !! Try and get a gig there !!
Again this is only another angle and another way to get seen as a music artist wanting to sign with a major recording label or even an independent recording label !!

.....So what is the best way to get your music heard in 2010 - 2011...If you want to be noticed and if you're really as good as you think you are....then you need to invest in creating a home recording studio with real studio equipment... And no I am not talking about studio software on a computer...if you record on a home computer your music will suffer greatly.
The truth is you need a real mixer or soundboard with sweep-able mids, you need at least a couple solid eq systems, a quality reverb unit and multi effects processor and delays, also a compressor-limiter and...a nice digital multi-track unit. You'll need a great acoustic guitar and keyboard with drums and top quality microphones.
Plus you need a dual deck CD mastering machine...Sure it cost money...but so does a college education !!
Anything worth having is something to look forward earning !!
And on the pulse side, with your own equipment you could create a small recording studio label of your own....did you know most large studios started out this way !!
You could also promote your own music, sell it online....on itunes, amazon, Rhapsody and ect...
But you'll make more money selling it from several websites you create, with 100's of press - releases and 1000's of back links aimed at you music site !!

.....Now listen up people..never ever !! run copies of your music off on a computer..and don't create your music on a home computer or your acoustic instruments will suffer and you'll loose harmonics...I don't care what anyone tells you about the latest greatest new software for computers....your music will only be as good as your CD burner is !!....If you don't under stand what I just revealed to you...think of it this way...lets say your computer cost $2000.00.....well your burner is a cheap add on to the computer....the burner is really cheap $99.00 piece of junk...sure you can record with it ( BUT NOT PROFESSIONALLY !! ) do a little you really think a $ 2000.00 computer with a cheap burner can compete with $ 45,000.00 studio recording equipment ?

.....What I am saying is the burner on your computer... is the weak link in the chain of your music. You must eliminate all weak links.
Also mixing music on a home computer is a not good either....friends you need the real sound equipment or it will sound all cold with no should always have the human factor and touch... it must sound real and not out of a can you just opened !!
In my opinion mixing music on a computer is best left for studio sound effects for the motion picture industry.
But.... if you want a great acoustic guitar you need to mic that guitar and have a great sound board that can give you all the best harmonics from that guitar... and you need to learn how to mic an acoustic guitar and vocals and how to use your equalizers ,reverb and effects processors to get the best sound for your recordings !!

.....One hint..use very little reverb when recording an acoustic guitar and adjust your equalizers for the best over all guitar sound you can get...I always say use less reverb on an acoustic guitar than on the human voice, and mic the guitar even if you have an electric acoustic..still mic the guitar, to get the best acoustic guitar sound.
There's also a lot of trick to learn about when recording in the left and right stereo fields and placement of sound....but teaching that here could take weeks or I'll leave that for you to learn,,,,There are great recording magazines out there, like Mix Magazine , Electronic Musician and Home and Studio !!
Plus text books can be ordered also.
You need to learn proper instrument placement in the stereo field to get the best results, learning this can make your recordings 100 percent better !!

....Now...if you're looking to find record labels who can help your music grow...well then....anyone can go online and look up major studios and Independent indie studio's world wide..they are listed online...even , studio owners and sometimes even record label contracts, music agents and managers can be found online.....If I was starting out again...I'd find myself a music manager...I did this before and it worked music was placed on radio and I was offered contracts and ect.
I remember one agent was offered a bonus of $100,000.00 to sign me up on a contract which is amazing because he'd get paid and not me , but I didn't sign with his company.
The real truth is as an artist looking to be signed you have to do your home work, study and find out who has the best track record and how they treat their clients.
Learn to put yourself into the right hands of people who care about your music.
It's totally possible to get signed by a record label and have a contract which states that they have total control over your music for 5 years !! need a good lawyer to watch out for your rights and to go over contract with you ..and it can be costly...sometimes you can be under a contract for years and never have a album released...and all because a record label has a star who's famous who they don't want any competition for.....if you're music threatens, they may buy your contract to control happens...sure you'll get paid something....but is putting your music on hold for 10 years worth it.
If your music is that good.....then why sell out ?

.....There's a lot of plus and minuses...and each artist has decide what's best for them.... I myself would never sign a contract for longer than 3 years at a time. I have even signed contracts for 1 year each and I renew them this way....I've done that 3 times so far..seems to work great...there's always room for negotiations no matter what is on the table.
A lot of record labels want total control...and even manage you and book all tours and all sales of CD's DVD's and online downloads....this can be a great deal...or it can work against you....just be wise enough to make the right choices !!

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