Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Life Of A Professional Christian Recording Artist

The Life Of A Professional Christian Recording Artist

By GW Williams

....Many Christian singers,songwriters and musicians want to live the lifestyle of a professional Christian recording artist. Yes The want the good life.
But being a Christian recording artist doesn't mean you're trying to become the next gospel rock superstar.
I don't care how popular you become...only Jesus is a least in my eyes !!
The truth is to be a popular singer or musician is to serve the Lord....once you become famous you can't just turn off the Christian act once you get off stage.....that's because you must really live the life of a born again other words what you do onstage is no no should be the real you live your life for Jesus.
When ever I play and sing on stage..I make the stage my home...I try to make the people feel at home during my concerts....I am just myself, I play and act no differently on stage than I do at home.
So...when you see GW Williams in see the real me !!

Next.... as far as making a lot of money with music, and doing Christian or gospel music as a business...I wouldn't advise anyone to think of serving God as a business....Playing music in concerts is not a gig.
I look at the music I play in concert, as a way people can come together to fellowship and worship the Lord !!.....And it's an outreach ministry to touch the hearts of people who do not know the Lord !!

I'd tell anyone who wants to sing and play Christian music for a living - that the Lord needs to be in your music first...serving God with music is not a business's really a way of life to serving the Lord. You have to have God calling in your life to do this !!
I know myself I love music....and would do this if I never made a buck at it !!
I have done many, many concerts for free to help out can't do that unless Jesus has put this in your heart !!

....Another thing all singers and musicians... really need to know who they are musicially God eyes.....example... I am a Professional Guitarist , songwriter, singer....I write most of my music ..... This is my gift from God.
I was also blessed with the ability to play guitar .....any ministry is really an outreach ministry with music....but I do not consider myself a praise and worship leader......I know who I am in Gods music has been on radio and I've recorded a few albums. I've also created a radio program and enjoy playing music in concert !!
But my ministry is more than's about helping people, and music is the vehicle that opens doors into other people's lives. I have work many times in food ministries and combined this with my music !!
In other words imagine doing concerts where food is passed out after the concert...well I have been part of this and so has my band !!

....It's so important to never loose sight of why God blessed us with a musical talent...I feel it's so we can walk through doors that normally we could never open ourselves....but you must be willing to walk through those doors to serve the Lord !!

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