Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Top 30 Worship Songs Used In Churches

Top 30 Worship Songs Used In Churches

Are you looking for the titles of the most popular worship songs used in churches by praise and worship leaders ?

Then check my list of the Top 30 Worship Songs in churches today !!

1.) Amazing Grace
2.) How Great Thou Art
3.) O Holy Night
4.) The Old Rugged Cross
5.) I'll Fly Away
6.) His Name Is Wonderful
7.) There's Something About That Name
8.) Peace Like A River
9.) Victory In Jesus
10.)Thou Art Worthy
11.) In His Time
12.) Lamb Of God
13.) We Will Glorify
14.) Thy Loving Kindness
15.) Holy Ground
16.) Sweet Sweet Spirit
17.) There's a Lighthouse
18.) He Touched Me
19.) It's No Secret - What God Can Do
20.) Silent Night
21.) Give Me Oil In My Lamp
22.) This Little Light Of Mine
23.) Soon and Very Soon
24.) He Has Made Me Glad
25.) Upon This Rock
26.) Lord I Lift Your Name On High
27.) I Want To Know You
28.) Open The Eyes Of My Heart
29.) Our God Is An Awesome God
30.) Lord Reign In Me

....I feel these are the top 30 songs used in most praise and worship services by worship leaders world wide !!
In this list of worship songs are a combination of Old Time Gospel and Contemporary Christian Inspirational Music !!

...I must say....Even though I am mainly a Guitar Instrumentalist - I have written a few inspirational songs and worship songs and sang on the recordings and in concerts over the past few years....

....One song I wrote and sang was called , "On Easter Morning " That song has been a very popular song each and every year during Easter Time.
Thousands of people have access online information about my song On Easter Morning and there's a ton of Press-release and Internet stories written about that song, I even saw the Lyrics online and ect.
And it's hard for me to keep track of what everyone says about my music......
But what I think is happening that praise leaders look for great Easter Songs to play in church and they access my music for their services....I do know a lot of people have downloaded the song for their personal listening also !!

....Who knows maybe one day On Easter Morning will be in all the church hymnals...I can dream can't I ?
But I know the song is loved by many people I'd like to say thanks for all the support you people have given me !!

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