Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Great Praise And Worship Leaders

Great Praise And Worship Leaders

By GW Williams

....Great Praise and Worship Leaders, must always have a heart for serving the Lord, they must be called into the ministry by God.
I personally think that a great worship leader will always try to use music that reaches out and touches the heart of every man, woman and child in the congregation..and in doing so this opens the hearts of people during the worship service to be receptive to the movement of God !!

.....It's also very important that a praise and worship leader understands when the Lord is moving in church and when the Lord is not moving !! ....yes you read that right....if the Lord is not moving in church the chances are that the music is all wrong and people are being side tracked away from the spirit of God....
So what am I saying....a true Praise and Worship Ministry really an outreach Ministry of sorts...because the music must reach out and touch the heart , mind and souls of the people and prepare them for coming of the Holy Spirit !!

....I really feel a great praise and worship leader will allow God to have his way in a church service and to be open to the direction God takes.
In other wouldn't play a contemporary rock song while Jesus is healing the hearts of people in the would be better to softly sing a song like, How Great Thou Art.

....I also believe a great praise and worship leader must spend at least 2 to 3 hours a day to practice music and learn new songs.
I truly believe that the Lord wants us to serve Him with all our heart....To give Jesus our best...and to me that means that a Worship leader should constantly try to become a better musician,singer and songwriter...and should study music theory.
Any one who's music worship leader...must also be a teacher and someone who gives guidance to the singers and musicians, both musically and spiritually and you need to know the word of God !!

....One finale note : I know the lord wants us to be the best we can be.....and we should try to have great singers, musicians and lead guitarist and ect......but we also need to teach our worship teams how to meet and greet people after a service....I've notice way too many praise teams hanging out together after church.....and this is wrong ( hangout some other time )....remember there's more to a ministry than just singing....we need to reach out to peoples hearts and share Gods love...and I think the pastor of your church would agree with me if you ask him...because a worship team is a ministry....and a ministry must reach out...and do more than sing !!

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Thanks GW Williams

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