Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Best Selling Electric Guitar Songs

My Best Selling Electric Guitar Songs

By GW Williams

....People always seem to want to know what my number #1 Best selling electric guitar songs are !!
So....I decided to give you the top 3 most popular lead guitar songs on electric guitar that I've recorded !!

These songs are sold in stores and can also be downloaded online at mp3's and on , Rhapsody, Napster and ect...!!

1.) Electric Rock Guitarist - Aired On radio since 2003 - 2010 ...This is my most popular electric lead guiitar song...and has been aired on radio... and still is aired on radio !!

2.) Rock N The Blues Electric Style - aired on radio in 2009 - 2010.

3.) Rock N Country Blues Guitar - aired on southern radio station in 2009 - 2010

Please Note: In the early months of 2010 I felt very impressed by the Lord, to only play my acoustic guitar in concert from now on. !!
That's why I recorded my new acoustic guitar Album !!

....I feel I must follow the leading of the Lord....
But....I will still allow my electric guitar songs of the past to be sold, so my fans can still get these songs.
But from this point foward I will only record and play acoustic guitar.
The Lord has really changed my heart this past year. As I get older I realize what is more important in life !!

....Many of you know that over the past few years, that I have combined my gospel music and secular music together....but I no longer feel I can do this as a musician serving the Lord !!
I sure hope people understand that I must follow Jesus...and this is how it must be.

....The Lord wants a total change to take place in my life and heart, so I can be where he wants me to be to in His service as a Christian leading people to the Lord !!

....I know am bless by the Lord to play guitar....and anything I can play on an acoustic guitar will sound the way God intended me to play.... and I am looking forward to playing acoustic guitar in churches everywhere very soon !! After all I've been play acoustic guitar much longer than electric guitar, the acoustic guitar is my first love and not the electric any ways so the change is easy for me to make !!

As I've said have far more love for the acoustic guitar...and I think my new CD titled - ( Songs Of Worship,Joy & Praise ) which is an all Instrumental album recorded live on acoustic guitar .... will be use to Change the hearts
Of people across this great nation.
I am not selling this new acoustic guitar CD on online music stores or in stores across the country...nope !!...
This is a Special CD is only available here on this wen site !
.....The Lord gave me a vision of how to use this CD across this great nation to bring friends , family members , office workers and ect....into the house of God !!

You just got to hear this amazing story of How This CD can bring a nation back to God !!.......for more info .... ENTER HERE - Songs Of Worship,Joy & Praise!!

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